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             Decision Analysis Software


  dTree is an easy-to-use software application designed to assist in alues of the various ‘alternatives’ of a specific problem

  dTree offers the user an simple yet intuitive modelling and structuring solution that encourages the evaluation of the ‘alternatives’ by clearly displaying the thought process behind them

  dTree, through mathematical representation of a problem, can help the decision maker identify preferred alternatives through analysis of either/or the highest value/cost and the lowest probability/risk

  dTree performs simple sensitivity analysis that gives the user the possibility of reconsidering and redefining those aspects to which the decision is sensitive

  dTree is an ideal tool to help a decision maker think systematically about complex problems and to improve the quality of the resulting decisions

  dTree has a very short learning curve and can be used equally by both engineers and management

  dTree output provides the user with an obvious choice between the best possible actions, therefore simplifying the decision making process

  dTree operates as a standalone application and does not require links to spreadsheets or other software applications to operate

  dTree comes complete with a comprehensive User Guide, which details the complete tree building process and provides explanations of the numerous examples.  Plus, for a more comprehensive study of decision analysis, we suggest the book ‘Making Hard Decisions' by R.T. Clemen, which was used as the reference in the design of dTree.










Figure 1 – dTree ‘tree view’ and input screen

Figure 2. Sensitivity Graphs  

Soon you will be able to download an evaluation copy of dTree from this website, but until then if you want to test this program, please contact us.


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