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Integrated Modular Production & Reserves Reporting System

General Information

The IMPRESS system is a powerful integrated management information tool used for planning, monitoring and reporting on the development and production of oil and gas fields.  The application is designed to validate, store, manipulate and report on a combination of data types from Wells, Reserves, Production, CAPEX, OPEX, Life of Field and Well Scheduling data.  The IMPRESS program focuses on reliable, efficient and effective maintenance and use of valuable corporate data.  

IMPRESS features include: 

      Monitors data from the producing formation through to corporate long range planning

      Reports from various levels including, wells, platforms, reservoirs, fields, area/block and countries

      Saves and reports production data in oilfield and metric units

      Reports discovered resources by ultimate recovery, in-place and reserves or contingent resources

      Simultaneously stores and uses daily, monthly and yearly data in various categories, e.g. actual, preliminary, forecast, budget, temporary and long-range planning

      Converts between unreconciled/reconciled production and entitlement/sales using automatically updated algorithms

      Stores individual business rules for each customer secured in the Controller module

      Produces reports including; Well, Pipeline, Facility, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Short Term Forecast, End of Year, Budget, Life of Field, Resources and the DTIs PPRS report.

      Full MDI functionality (Multiple Document Interface)

      Fast responsive screens using the latest Active X controls

      Provides immediate access to multiple preformatted reports and graphs through the Manager reporting module

      Stores data on the industry standard Oracle database system

      Operates in a client server environment

      Imports and exports raw and calculated data to/from numerous database and spreadsheet types

      Short learning curve for management, engineering and admin staff

      Accesses the databases through an interactive visual tree-view

      Very fast database search engine 

IMPRESS Module Overview

IMPRESS Version 7.0 has been modularized to meet the various end user requirements. This change to the program design now makes it applicable to both operating and non-operating companies, plus allows each customer to purchase only the required modules.  For example, the basic version of IMPRESS 7.0 will include only the input interface, the Oracle database and the export module.

 Companies wishing to make the program more specific to their requirements can purchase additional modules (the Manager and Planner), which can be customized with preformatted reports, graphs and business rules, etc.

The IMPRESS modules include: 

      IMPRESS Version 7.0 this module is used strictly for setting up the files, inputting and validating all the various data types before being deposited into the database.  Data can be entered on a daily basis or by volume through the import functions.

      IMPRESS Controller this module is an integral part of the input interface and is designed to store and operate the various business rules and user preferences used to manipulate the data before it goes to the database.

      IMPRESS Oracle Database all the raw, calculated and manipulated data is stored here in the IMPRESS specific data storage structure.

      IMPRESS Manager this module stores a large range of predefined/preformatted reports and graphs, plus it exports raw and calculated data to other applications.

      IMPRESS Planner this is the input module for entering data used in the Business Plans, Well Scheduling and Life of Field projects (under construction - not currently available).


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